It is rare with people who has a crystal clear view of the fashion industry in general and PR in particular. But Rike is one of them. What is best about her view is that it evolves over time as well. This means that attending a meeting, dinner or event where Rike is present you can be sure that she will share her latest findings about society, Danish media landscape in rapid change, Influencer marketings ROI or whether or not a specific brand will succeed with its new distribution model. Just a few of many qualities which are interesting and most importantly critical when running a fashion business.

Rike is well-grounded in the PR craftsmanship, her role as a strategic advisor, the business of fashion, the logics of modern communication and tops that off with having a great network of people in the industry surrounding her. These people are often her friends - I guess they like to talk and work with Rike as much as I do.
— Johan Loman, Marketing Director / Stutterheim & Client for seven years
I’ve been working together with Rike since 2007 when she helped us and was a big part of the global launch of Monki. She has also helped us with positioning WEEKDAY & Cheap Monday. Recently she’s been working with us within AVAVAV in the brand positioning part. Rike is for me one of the best when it comes to Brand Building and have total understanding how you combine physical resources with digital. Rike’s global network has been of great help for us to build successful global brands.
— Adam Friberg, Founder Monki, Cheap Monday, WEEKDAY and AVAVAV & Client for ten years
I worked with Rike during my time at Kronaby. She supported our product launch at Kronaby and managed to secure both offline and online coverage in key magazines and influencers. As a client, I felt very comfortable working with Rike as she always delivered and ran the extra mile to place the brand/products in the right contexts. If you’re looking for a committed, result-driven and relationship-building PR firm, I can truly recommend Rike and Agency V.
— Apollonia San Contreras, Influencer Marketing Manager, Kronaby & Client for four years